Thursday, June 25, 2009

+++lonely journey+++

++++lonely journey++

i'm now in the lonely n mysterious journey in my life
u'll know y??
actually last monday & tuesday i had attend workshop for the
postgraduate students in upsi..
n start to realize that..
postgraduate research is like journey to some place that
have a lot of obstacle to be face lonely..
it's not as easy as i thought..
only the brave n strong person will reach their destiny successfully..
between to know the road ahead, ask those coming back..
and i also believe that when Allah put tears in ur eyes, this must be because He want
to put rainbow in ur heart..
so i need to chance from now..
need to be stronger n brave enough to face the life ahead..
my target is to finish all the lab work within this 5 month n will graduate
by next year..not forgetting between that need to balance my time to
prepare for the "BIG DAY"..
arghhhhhh...can i manage to to all this..

hope i can do it..

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