Thursday, June 25, 2009

+++lonely journey+++

++++lonely journey++

i'm now in the lonely n mysterious journey in my life
u'll know y??
actually last monday & tuesday i had attend workshop for the
postgraduate students in upsi..
n start to realize that..
postgraduate research is like journey to some place that
have a lot of obstacle to be face lonely..
it's not as easy as i thought..
only the brave n strong person will reach their destiny successfully..
between to know the road ahead, ask those coming back..
and i also believe that when Allah put tears in ur eyes, this must be because He want
to put rainbow in ur heart..
so i need to chance from now..
need to be stronger n brave enough to face the life ahead..
my target is to finish all the lab work within this 5 month n will graduate
by next year..not forgetting between that need to balance my time to
prepare for the "BIG DAY"..
arghhhhhh...can i manage to to all this..

hope i can do it..

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

---BTN dalam kenangan ku--
Tak ingat bile@ date sebenar received call from IPS UPSi saying that sy kena attend BTN..
dlm ati punya la geram..ish..malas betul la..
but now only i realize n nmpk hikmah sebalik kejadian yg Allah aturkan..
selama ni mungkin sy dgr cerita dongeng n karut org kata tak best, teruk n mcm2 lg..
tp lain yg sy alami..
actually very interesting..
mesti pelik hanya org yg alami nye sendiri akan tau n paham what i mean here..
my 1

dlm bilik LDK..hehehe..jahat..actually tak leh sebarang alat comunikasi dibenarkan..
termasuk la camera pun tak leh..
tp dihalalkan sendiri..n fasi kami pun sporting..
best sgt en yusop
he juz like father to all of us..
all i hav to say n conclude btn yg sy attend mmg meaningful n
best sgt..